Enhanced Annual Maintenance and package



Enhanced  $499.00 Annual Maintenance and package

Service includes

  • Clean the Roof of debris
  • Cleaning Gutters and Leaders
  • Minor Repairs to the Gutter system included
  • Clean Bird nests under Soffit
  • Inspection for Animal intrusion signs.
  • Roof Inspection for integrity
  • Inspect Shingles and Underlayment
  • Inspect pipe boot vents (including replacement if necessary)
  • Inspect the exterior Chimney
  • Inspect the fan covers.
  • Inspect all protrusions for integrity.

Service in October/December/April and June


* With an Annual prepaid contract with a service in April, June, October & December.
* Limited to homes of 2,500 sq/ft with walkable roofs and asphalt shingles
* Toppers excluded / gutters Air Blown / no scheduled appointments
* not responsible for loose items that may become dislodged from Air Power.
* Service includes up to 30 minutes of cleaning.
*Seasonal condition apply