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Are you planning to replace your existing gutters? If so, then it becomes imperative to call professionals for an expertly-managed home’s new guttering system.

Seamless Replacement Gutters

As the name suggests, seamless gutters do not have any unsightly closures. Most gutter seams are not appropriately sealed and subject to rust and leak, especially during heavy water flow.

Segelman Shaw Exteriors ® offers custom-fit, seamless aluminum gutters that are tailored explicitly to your home. Our custom-made approach evidently ensures that your new gutters are adapted to fit your roof perfectly. Furthermore, seamless replacement gutters also prevent dings, dents, scratches, and other damage during set up and delivery. Aside from the functional benefits of using seamless gutters, the overall look and curb appeal to the home is often a plus.

Our seamless gutters tailored-to-fit any roof style and come in several colors, which even matches today’s most popular exterior paint choices.

Gutter Installation

Replacing your gutters requires professional allegiance and must be performed by a licensed contractor. Why? For the reason that your existing roof shingles were initially installed to safeguard against wind and other elements. Thus, a poor gutter installation can void your roof’s warranty and might lead to expensive repairs. Besides, a proper gutter installation requires specialized tools and an expert level of knowledge. Segelman Shaw Exteriors is a licensed professional contractor with a good track record of success.

If you would like to learn more about installing new gutters for your home, contact us today!

Specializing in:

  • Specializing in all types and repairs
  • Gutter-cleaning service (for leaves, ice jams, etc.)
  • Specials for condos or large homes

The Basic Components of Rain Gutters

Here is a list of the basic components used for rain-gutter installation:

These are the open-topped pipes along the edge of your roof that catch the water from your roof and send it to the downspout. Most gutters come in either 5-inch or 6-inch widths (although five inches is more common), but some larger roofs may call for wider gutters.

These attach the rain gutters to your house. The spikes are driven through both the ferrules and the rims of the rain gutters to hold them in place.

These pieces connect two lengths of rain gutter. Some gutters need to be sealed with caulk at this connecting point; others do not.

These provide the support for the rain gutters. Some hangers wrap completely around the gutters while other models are attached under the roofing material and the outside edge of the rain gutters.

These pieces allow bends and turns in rain-gutter systems. Miters are available for both inside and outside turns.

These are simple end pieces for the end of a gutter run. They come with and without gutter downspouts.

Downspouts, or leaders, drain the water out of the gutter and guide it downward to the desired location. Downspouts attach to rain gutters at the outlets at end pieces.

These strap pieces hold downspouts securely against the wall of the house.

These devices are used at the bottom of downspouts to guide the water onto a splash block at the bottom of the downspout.

These pieces cover the length of the rain gutter and block out leaves and harmful debris while letting in water.

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