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Our goal is to prevent damages that are unnecessary.

As a Commercial Building Owner or Property Management Company, You Deserve a Reputable, Professional Roofing Contractor, Who Can Get The Work Done Fast Whenever You Need It. Our Experience, Dedication To Quality, And Customer Service Make Us The Ideal Choice for repair and replacement of Flat Roof On Your Commercial Property.


Emergency Roof Repair

Segelman Shaw Roofing Siding & Gutters will respond to all your commercial emergency needs with our 2 hour emergency response crew.

We can:

  • Secure or Tarp areas from storm or other damage.
  • Patch leak areas and submit diagnosis of problem.
  • Complete repair on the spot in possible.
  • Northern NJ, Rockland, Westchester, Yonkers.
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Customers may call a roofing contractor to perform an emergency repair when their roof has been damaged by severe weather, ice jams, or perhaps pests of some sort, and some portion of the roof is no longer watertight. In these cases, immediate attention is required to prevent interior damage


When you first become aware of a leak in your roof, your first thought is to deal with repairing the leak and stopping the flow of water into the workspaces as quickly as possible. However, by the time we notice the water leaking problems in our home, office, or workspace, it is too late. The leak has existed for some time before that. To some extent, the repair requires only a simple patch solution (if the rest of the existing roof is in good repair). Or, if the leak is due to a widespread failure of the roofing system due to age, a fallen tree, or severe hail damage, it may be a more extensive job

Preventative Roof Maintenance

Since all flat roofs have a limited lifespan based on the materials first used in the installation. A flat or low-sloping leaky roof often indicates that the roof durability is coming to an end and requires maintenance work. Once the materials used to install the existing roof pass their prime, they dry up and begin cracking, allowing the elements to penetrate to the sub-roof and then to the workspaces below. Proper roof maintenance, such as cleaning, painting, or snow removal (all services we perform), can increase the lifespan of your roof.

 Licensed And Insured

Segelman Shaw Roofing is a local qualified roofing contractor experienced in the inspection, maintenance, repair, replacement and installation of flat roofs for commercial buildings. We are available throughout Rockland County, NY, Westchester County, NY, and Bergen County, NJ for emergency repairs and roof shoveling, roof inspections, and new roof installations – Call us to take care of your problem today!

As we prepare for the winter we are following up with all of our previous customers to see if maintenance is needed on any of your buildings?
80% of the damages that occur on buildings can be prevented with the proper maintenance during the year especially before/during the winter.
We offer several different maintenance packages to assure our clients that their buildings are properly secured and ready for any occasion.


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